Next Century Distribution- Mobile Apps

  • Dynamic Real Time Content Updates

  • Easy to Update/ Easy to Customize

  • Levels the Playing Field for Small Businesses

Next Century Distribution publishes the award-winning Welles Park Bulldog, a neighborhood news site serving Ravenswood in Chicago. We realized one of the tools we developed to monitor local news could be used by our readers. The result was our mobile app. Although we’ll refer to our other products, this site is about our mobile app.

During early tests of the app we were coming home one night tired and late. We used the test app to see what was happening in our neighborhood. One restaurant was advertising $2 burgers that night.

Yes, that’s where we ate that night!

A screen shot from the Shop Northcenter Mobile app

The mobile app has a directory page with such interactive features as directions, the ability to call the business, share the information with friends or email the business.

Since then we’ve referred to it as the $2 burger app.

Imagine that for a moment, we used mobile information to find a real time deal— and the app wasn’t even launched at the time.

Disucssions with customers in real time allows your business to react to real world situations at an unheard of speed.

  •  A cloud burst?  Put umbrellas on sale
  • A slow night at the restaurant? Put appetizers on sale
  • A heavy snow? You are open and have milk and eggs

Drawing real time information, the app gathers the threads of content from a community into what we call a weave. Imagine your shirt for a moment. It is composed of individual materials: threads, buttons and so on. The threads were woven together to create a basic material. And then skill was added to cut it, sew it and add valuable extras such as buttons.

While the thread itself has value, the shirt has greater value.

In the same way, your business is creating threads on the Internet. For more than half the companies in a small community, these threads are already being created. Our product takes your thread, and the corner store’s, the hair salon’s, the restaurant on the next block and so on, and creates a dynamic product alive with news.

That’s right, it is news, not advertising. News. News created by you.

Monthly it costs less than a cup of joe (purchased in a diner, not at a fancy coffee place) for each member of a normal chamber of commerce. 

We’d like to tell you more on the following pages.