Our News Projects

The award-winning Welles Park Bulldog serves the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago. Located in an area of about 107,000 people, the site has received two Lisagor awards from the Chicago Headline Club/ Society of Professional Journalists including one for best start-up and one for best community news site.

The site and its citizen journalists have won nine awards from the Northern Illinois Newspaper Association including one for best web site.

The site has also been recognized as an important site in a survey of Chicago sites by the Community Media Workshop.

The Facebook page of The Welles Park Bulldog was created anticipating readers wanted new information from the site. As a result content generally does not overlap that of the production site. The site usually has a virality of about 80 percent as a low and a high of 40,000 percent.

The email blast is a weekly communication to Bulldog subscribers. Again, a fresh message is created each week. Open rates generally run 40 percent.

Cup of Joe is a new daily email based on the thoughts of community activist Joe Lake. Lake has a following of nearly 5,000 on his personal Facebook page including many of the city’s thought leaders.